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Solar Cam + Light

The single camera kit with solar and a 20-watt flood light is designed to be used for surveillance where power is not available.

Designed to run autonomously, this unit can run for up to four days with no sun.

The light is activated automatically whenever movement is detected by the camera, providing not only a deterrent for thieves, but also providing night-time general lighting. The unit can be used in many different scenarios

For Example:

  • Parks
  • Unattended Depots
  • Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Rural Lifestyle Blocks

System High Lights

  • 100% self-powered with internal cellular router
  • One x 4 MP 2.8mm AI Smart Motion Detection CCTV camera. 64GB of built in storage
  • Water marking of images with date, time and location
  • One x 20-Watt Flood Light, triggered by the cameras in alarm condition
  • Configurable schedule for enabling/disabling the alarm on each camera
  • Live site CCTV Access
  • Alert images are uploaded to our AI Cloud Service
  • 80Amp Hour LiFEPO4 Safe Lithium Battery (see notes) with Smart BMS
  • 100-watt solar panel
  • ABS UV stabilized cabinet – designed to be robust
  • Brackets designed for quick mounting.

AI Could Storage

  • 4GB Cloud Storage
  • Smart Phone and Desktop access to images
  • Notifications filtered by AI. This means almost zero false alarms
  • Share your camera images with family and friends

This unit is available for purchase or rent.

If choosing the purchase option, the unit must be subscribed to our monitoring service, which also includes:

  • 2 or 10 GB of data per month
  • 4 GB Cloud storage with unlimited access (upgradeable)
  • Ongoing remote configuration assistance.