We can keep your family and property safer
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Residential Property Protection

If you’re living the Kiwi dream and you have your own home, you’ll want to protect it at all costs. You may think having a front gate some distance from the house would make it difficult to install a surveillance without a main power line. Think again. With modern technology and solar power, now you can.

Security – it’s what we love to do

We’ve taken what we loved doing and used it to help other people.

With our knowledge of electronics and IT background, we have the right knowledge and skills to solve any security issue your  property may have. Our product range is hand selected from the best that there is on offer. We do not provide any products without a warranty. Yes, we fully support all of our products.

With our knowledge and skill-set, we can protect your property and precious possessions. And – most importantly – keep your family safe.

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