Reolink Cameras


Reolink cameras are high quailty Wifi and 4G cameras made in Hong Kong. The  company has extensively tested and developed their products over the years. 

With our own testing we have found them to be very reliable. The Iphone and Android applications produced by Reolink seem to be very stable and user friendly.

Why buy from us?

Perimeter Security will warranty all Reolink products it sells. 

If you have any issues with your product and you have not been able to resolve the issue with Reolink Support, we will replace the unit. This save our customer having to deal with returns overseas, which means you get your replacement units quicker.

Choose the system that’s right for you

4G Camera

No WiFi? No Power Outlets?
Reolink Go Works, Anywhere, Anytime

Reolink Go, a 100% wire-free mobile HD security camera, operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source!

Portable and weatherproof! Install or take Reolink Go just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors. In your vacation home, construction site, campsite, in the wild, etc.

Argus Pro

Reolink Arus Pro- Wirefree, with Rechargable Battery

Optionally Solar Powered

Totally Wire-Free Over WiFi – No wiring at all! Based on 2.4 GHz WiFi and works independently.

Rechargeable Battery – Long lasting power per charge; saves your money.

Solar Panel

Reolink Solar Panel

Connect your Reolink solar powered camera to this solar panel with 4m connection cable (included) to get non-stop power. The 360° wall mount allows you to easily position the weather resistant solar panel and ensure that it’s perfectly positioned to maximize sun light exposure. Huge savings. 

Argus Full Skin Suit

Camouflage Your Argus

Help your Reolink Argus Pro blend in to the color of the wall, ceiling or any surface that it is mounted to.


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