Vehicle Motion Detection Alarm

Our Vehicle Motion Detection Alarm is ideal for Tradesmen’s Vehicles and Camper Vans


  • 1 x Control Unit
  • 1 x Motion Sensor with Integrated Glass Break Sensor
  • 1 x Remote Fob
  • 1 x Siren
  • SmartPhone app
  • Installation in the Auckland region. We come to you at work or at home.

This kit is bundled with our Forensic DNA Marking kit. Find out more here

Customers must add the Data Connection Subscription when purchasing this item



Plus GST


The Vehicle Motion Detection Alarm kit includes the following features:

Fully wireless sensors
Anti-tamper measures integrated into the hub and sensors
Hub has a 15 hour integrated backup battery
Very low power usage for both the main hub and sensors
Sensors can last up to 5 years on a set of batteries
Fully cellular-enabled
Full control from your phone
Remote control fob
Ear piercing siren

The system is fully expandable. Can add any combination of devices to the same system. These devices could be internal or external sirens, additional motion sensors, glass break sensors, flood sensors, fire and carbon monoxide sensors, keypads, and remote controls.

*** Please note that the control center for the Motion Detection Only Kit is not compatible with Motion Cam detectors. If images are required from the system at a later date, you must order the Motion Detection Kit with Motion Cam. If you require a specific combination, please call us.