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10 Watt, Camera Ready Power Pack

This unit is designed to provide power and internet to any* POE CCTV camera.

Equipped with a waterproof ethernet connector the camera can be mounted up to 100 meters away from the power supply. 

Additionally, the unit can be powered off a 24-volt power supply with the battery acting as a backup if it is not practical to use a solar panel or if there is too much shading.


  • 80 Amp Hour Lithium Battery
  • Teltonika RUT955 Celluar modem
  • Waterproof external RJ45 Connector
  • Waterproof external power connector
  • 15 amp Solar Charge Controller
  • 150 or 200 Watt Mono Solar panel with pole top mount
  • ABS Cabinet with mounting bracket

See our store for mounting options

  • Power requirements for PTZ Cameras vary. The POE Injector in our standard unit can supply up to 35watts, which is suitable for small PTZ cameras. Cameras that require Hi POE require a battery that is able to power a Hi POE Injector. These units can be made to order. Please Enquire for further information.