Perimeter Secuirty Farm wifi

Home and Farm WiFi

Sick of poor WiFi coverage or slow WiFi speeds?

Perimeter Security can supply and install a wireless farm network solution that uses enterprise-grade equipment to deliver that WiFi experience that will far exceed any standard home WiFi unit. Our equipment uses the latest WiFi Technologies that provide a fast & secure expandable WiFi network. 

Customers can liken it to a superior home or farm WiFi extender, but vastly superior.

With our home and farm WiFi that we install, we are able to provide an integrated network with one network name (SSID) regardless of the number of access points that are present on the network. This means that you can roam around your house or even your whole farm without ever having any interruption to service.

Our solutions enable you to make the most of your internet connection, especially if you are licky enough have fibre installed. We provide all of the equipment to ensure that your internet connection is not restricted. Often this means that we have to replace the ISP provided router as they are known to be unreliable and often a bottleneck which restricts data flow.

To read more on the comparision between Enterprise grade WiFi and Consumer Grade WiFi here

Point to point WiFi

Extend your network to one or more remote buildings wirelessly. Perimeter Security utilizes Cambium IP rated hardware for its reliability and long warranties. Cambium Networks manufactures enterprise-grade hardware that will withstand the test of time to provide secure reliable links between your buildings. Cambium hardware is often used by rural broadband providers, which is a testament to its reliability.

Perimeter Security offers a turn-key service from the concept stage right the way through to ongoing support.

What is point to point?

Point to point wireless networks connect two remote locations that can be up to 20km apart that in line of sight of each other. The speeds at which the links operate depend on the frequency the units operate at. There are licensed and unlicensed frequencies. Typically the license frequencies are able to support a faster link speed as there is less competition in the radio spectrum than in the unlicensed frequencies.

Point to point is not limited to links just two building together. Point to multi point is the ablity to link multiple buildings/locations together. It is the same sort of system that rural broadband providers use to provide internet to multiple remote locations. Both systems can be used to provide connectivity between buildings, CCTV and WiFi.


3G and 4G Internet Solutions

Perimeter Security is able to provide internet connectivity with our Teltonika modems that support up to two SIM cards. These units can work off the mains, 12 volts or 24 volts and can provide up to 200GB of data.

These units are ideal for temporary remote internet connectivity, camper vans or as a backup in case your primary interent connection fails. Perimeter Security utilises these modems for providing internet connectivity for our Remote Security camera systems.

Rural Security camera systems

Perimeter Security offers access to the best farm security systems available. Farm security systems need to be flexible enough to allow for surveillance of all of your buildings and access points irrespective of their location. 

Imagine being able to know as soon as an unknown vehicle enters your property or being able to view remotely your entire farm from your phone!

With the technology available today, we can provide tailored solutions to suit most requirements. Our Rural security camera systems often utilise our Point to Point or Point to Multi Point solutions for connectivity.