Forensic Marking

Having just an alarm in your vehicle or home is often not enough of a deterrent. This is why Perimeter Security has decided to provide Forensic ID marking with our vehicle kits. 

With Trades Vehicles being a common target for thieves wanting to make a quick buck, the extra investment in tagging your assets makes sense.

Reduces burglaries by up to 83%

Forensic ID marking used and trusted by the Police worldwide.

There is evidence that the use of Forensic ID marking reduces the likelihood of burglary or theft by up to 83%.
In addition, the recovered property was linked to the legitimate owner and returned.

The system uses thousands of Micro Dots with a unique imprinted number which are then registered on an international database. The microdots can be included in paint, aerosol sprays and grease. Each of these methods also use a Ultra Violet markers that glows when exposed to ultra violet light. This makes it very easy for the police to identify and link perpertrators to the crime via an international database.


Your tools and valuables are marked with the Forensic ID Kit

Signes are placed on your windows to show that your valuables are protected.

Register your unique ID code on the secure database.

Access to the secure asset register can be found here