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Frequently Asked Questions

How can our security camera systems be stand-alone? Don’t you need power?

By using the latest in solar, wireless, internet and camera technologies, our systems are engineered to be self-powered. These systems are designed to give years of trouble-free operation.

I am worried about someone stealing my security camera.

Our cameras and equipment are mounted very high up, out of harm’s way. For those who are still concerned with theft, we can always install our hidden spy camera unit.

Do the cameras ever false alarm?

Unlike passive infrared sensors, cameras use pixel change technology to determine if an alarm area has been entered. Because of this technology, false alarms are greatly reduced.

Can I have a live camera feed inside my house?

Yes, under certain circumstances you can have this option. Typically, if we can get a wireless link back to you house from the security camera unit, we can provide a live camera feed.