Chinese Product Pitfalls

Chinese Camera

While on the surface, systems made in China look very appealing, however not is all what it seems.

There are several issues that we would like our customers to be aware of if they decide that they want to take the risk and purchase from an unknown source.

1, Compatibility

It is important to ensure that any camera is compatible with the cell service and mobile applications that the camera support. If there are any issues, who do you contact to get that support

2, Connectivity

Usually there are mobile applications that are used for connecting to the camera. From our investigations, these applications are unreliable and buggy at best.

3, Repairs

There is not any support for your camera locally, it would have to be sent to China for repairs at considerable cost.

4 Functionality

The leading brands in CCTV camera have invested a lot of R & D in getting options like motion sensing and alerting working correctly. Are the cameras from China able to provide the same functionality? Who do you contact if you have issues?

5, Environmental resistance

It is well known that the Chinese purport that their equipment is rust proof and will last. However if you have ever had first hand experience, the difference between what they say that the product is capable of and what it can do are very different. I would not expect any product bought out of china to last as long as they state.