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Bach Cam

This Single or Dual Camera kit is designed specifically for Baches (Holiday Homes)

With an integrated cellular modem, no internet connection is necessary**

The kit comes pre-configured and ready to use with Image Engine’s advanced Cloud storage and Analysis service. More information on this service can be found here.

Choose your cable length and type that suits your installation. Generally, the 20 meters of internal cable that we supply with the kit is sufficient for most installations.

All you must do is run the cable, mount the camera and plug it in to the mains power. With one phone call, we will remotely fine-tune your camera settings, ensuring that the camera is correctly configured just for you.

**Sufficient cellular signal strength is required. Usually, we recommend 3 bars minimum. External high gain antennas are available in our store should they be required.

    System High Lights

    • Mains powered
    • Cellular router that can support up to two cameras
    • 4 MP 2.8mm AI Smart Motion Detection CCTV camera/s with 64GB of Micro SD Card storage
    • Watermarking of images with date, time and location
    • Configurable schedule for enabling/disabling the notifications from the camera/s
    • Choose between  Outdoor Waterproof cable amd UV resistant cable or indoor cable

    AI Could Storage

    • 3GB Cloud Storage
    • Smart Phone and Desktop access to images
    • Notifications filtered by AI. This means almost zero false alarms
    • Share your camera images with family and friends

    This unit must be subscribed to our monitoring service, which also includes:

    • 2 GB of data per month
    • 3 GB Image Engine Cloud storage and with unlimited access (upgradeable)
    • Ongoing remote configuration assistance.