New Zealand Security Camera and WiFi Solutions

Perimeter Security is an Auckland based company that provides security camera and WiFi solutions for the Greater Auckland region and the Waikato.

No job is too big or small. From resolving simple WiFi coverage issues in your home to supplying wirelessly linked farm security camera and wifi solutions. With the advantage of being able to provide solutions that do not require a mains power supply, we are able to provide services from those locations that have been impossible or financially viable to implement. 


4G remote Solar security camera

4G Remote Security Cameras

Designed to suit permanent or temporary sites, our 4G Remote Security cameras are the ideal solution. These cameras are fully self-contained, they do not require any external services other than a cellphone signal to operate. Built with high quality components, they are designed to last for years. Our systems can also be modified to act as a relay to get signals into hard to reach locations or power a Point Tilt Zoom camera or for any other specific need that requires remote power.

WiFi, Security and Solar Solutions

Sick of poor WiFi coverage or slow WiFi speeds? Need remote surveillance or a solar power solution?

Perimeter Security can supply and install a wireless home, business or farm network solutions that uses enterprise-grade equipment to deliver that WiFi experience you always dreamed of.  Our equipment uses the latest WiFi Technologies that provide a fast & secure expandable WiFi network. 

With our home and farm WiFi that we install, we are able to provide an integrated network with one network name (SSID) regardless of the number of access points that are present on the network. This means that you can roam around your house or even your whole farm without ever having any interruption to service.

Our solutions enable you to make the most of your internet connection, especially if you are lucky enough have fibre installed. We provide all of the equipment to ensure that your internet connection is not restricted.

Perimeter Security offers access to the best farm security systems available. Farm security systems need to be flexible enough to allow for surveillance of all of your buildings and access points irrespective of their location. 

Additionally all of our systems can be adapted to be solar powered. Perimeter Security utlises the latest technology and advancements in this area to provide a robust, dependable solution.

Why Perimeter Security?

We are continuously assessing and improving our systems as new technology is developed.   We offer the best of the best in our field of expertise. We have developed several systems to the different needs of our customers.

Fully Tested

Our construction site cameras have gone through many hours  of function and quality testing.

Competitive Rates

Although we offer some of the Highest Quality Products in Site Security, you can be assured that you’re getting an affordable solution. That’s our promise to you.

Certified Installers

All of our installers have obtained the Ministry of Justice’s Security clearance and are individual license holders. 

Full Control

We enable our customers to take control of the security of their site/s with 24/7 Live view access to the site.

Instant Notifcations

Our remote security systems can schedule and receive instant notifications when someone enters your site when you can’t be onsite.

It is the security guard that never sleeps. 

Cameras can be shared with a monitoring service.

Flexible Hire Periods

Whether you need your site camera’s for One Month or One Year, we can supply you with High Quality Site Camera Solutions that won’t break your bank!

Contact Us

If you require a Security Camera System hire or purchase for your site, simply call us on 0800 084 924 to speak with our team to discuss all of your needs. Alternatively leave your message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.