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Smart AI CCTV Surveillance

Any Where, Any Time

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the abilities of the Cloud for Image Intelligence

Bach, lifestyle, farming and commercial properties are seen by thieves as easy-pickings, because they are remote, lack close neighbours and are unoccupied for much of the time. With no power lines where power is really needed, rural and construction site security can be tricky. If only there was a better option?

There is! Introducing Perimeter Security – Solar-Powered wireless CCTV security.

Using solar power to take the headache out of installation, a Perimeter Security system stands sentry on your rural or commercial property, automatically filming any comings and goings. Combined with our state of the art cloud service we are  able to send your data offsite so it  is safe and secure. Best of all, the system will alert you when movement is detected at your property.

With a Perimeter Security system, you can be there… without being there.

Why use Perimeter Security?


You get Peace-of-Mind

If you’ve ever been burgled, you know what it’s like to have your peace-of-mind shattered. Lifestyle, Rural, Bach, and commercial properties are vulnerable because they are remote and often no-one is there.

With a Perimeter Security system, you can go to work, go on holiday, go wherever, knowing your property is being watched… by you. And that peace-of-mind is priceless.

Quality Design, Quality Components

Perimeter Security systems are reliable and are made to last years.

Only quality, robust, durable electronic components with warranty protection from reliable manufacturers are used.

Data Security

Once in place, whether on a pole or trailer, a Perimeter Security system can’t be easily moved or broken. If a thief is trying to break it or vandalise it, the Perimeter Security system has already recorded him from above (and possibly many other angles) and sent the data to the cloud or even straight to the police. If it’s a trailer on a construction yard being tampered with, motion sensors means it has begun filming and alerted the owner… or the authorities.

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